About Special Branch Furniture

Our story

Originating as a furniture design studio & bespoke workshop based near Brighton, England, Special Branch Furniture has sustainability at its core. We meticulously design, prototype and craft unique pieces for customers globally, producing exceptional woodwork for both residential and commercial environments.

Our specialism in solid timber and plywood furniture, combined with a drive for wider access to sustainable, high-quality products, led to the launch of the Special Branch Store in 2021. Launching its first product range - Special Branch Bulletin Boards, as an eco friendly collection created to promote premium materials with modern finishing, causing the least environmental impact possible.

With an extensive pipeline of new colours, sizes and shapes across our bulletin boards, along with accessories and furniture ranges, the Special Branch Store will continue to expand. We are committed to making functional items that spark joy through beauty and quality, with the least environmental impact possible.

Marc Ellis - working in the Special Branch Workshop